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Whether you have just been diagnosed with ADHD or have known for years; coaching can get you where you want to be in life faster. Coaching is different from psychology and psychiatry. As an ADDer myself, I understand what it feels like to have ADHD. I understand the clutter, the lack of motivation, lack of […]

You have just gotten a diagnosis of ADHD for one of your children. What next? Do I medicate my child? How do I help my child without losing my patience? What is an IEP or a 504? How do I get the teachers to understand? I would love to coach your family and help reign […]

As an adult with ADHD you have had it all your life. Does this sound familiar to you? Teachers, family, coworkers, and friends used labels such as lazy, ditzy, dumb, rude. Most adults with ADD have been scarred by that type of criticism all their life. Those scars carry over to adulthood and prevent you […]


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  • …THANK YOU for your humble transparency, your sense of humor, your insights and initiative, your honest ability to work WITH me rather than MANAGE me.  You set me at ease from the very beginning and you never seemed to lose patience even though I needed help in some way out things – and your knowledge base is broad enough to work out there with me.Your time with me was invaluable!

    - Patt
  • I highly recommend Agnes as your personal, life coach. She will be your guide to achieving the life of your dreams. Agnes has a genuine interest in and concern for her clients. She honestly cares. She posses a beautiful insight into life. She understands how to resolve life’s issues. She is open, honest, and non-judgemental. She creates a safe and protective haven for her clients.

    With Agnes as your coach, you will succeed. I know because I am a life coach myself. As a coach, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe some of the countries best coaches. And Agnes is among the best. And I know because she has been my personal coach. She helped me to clear away some of my own stumbling blocks. She helped me to achieve clarity and success. And she did it quickly, completely, and discretely.


    - Jerry
  • “I have been frustrated by my general clutter and with my difficulty keeping papers organized at work. I decided I was a right brained, creative type and realized I’d have to find ways to organize that worked for me. I’d set something up, and they mostly fell apart eventually and I’d be back to piles of stuff and papers everywhere. Agnes came into my life several months ago. I contacted her and the first time we talked I felt her intelligence, kindness and humor.”

    “In the months since she has become my coach, I’ve learned the latest information about ADD and that my brain works differently from those of “neurotypicals”.  I now know why I struggle with tasks that others may not like to do, but get done without extreme distress.  Working with Agnes has given me a new lease on my life.  And as I am a special education teacher with a caseload of students who don’t get their assignments turned in, I finally have the knowledge to effectively help them to succeed.   My self-esteem, as well as that of my students, is on the rise; Agnes has given us a way to understand our different brains and shake off the blame we’ve lived with.

    - Liza

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