Adults & ADHD

As an adult with ADHD you have had it all your life. Does this sound familiar to you? Teachers, family, coworkers, and friends used labels such as lazy, ditzy, dumb, rude. Most adults with ADD have been scarred by that type of criticism all their life. Those scars carry over to adulthood and prevent you from being the best most successful person possible.  

I know all ADDers have a pet peeve expression that neurotypicals use. Mine is “you are all over the place”, I guarantee that they just don’t know. ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that manifest as character flaws. ADHD has nothing to do with your character. With coaching you will learn to trust your intuition and discover talents you didn’t even know you had. Through my own ADHD coach and my education at the ADD coach academy, I learned so much about ADHD that my life suddenly made sense. I found out how I can make your strengths stronger and your weaknesses “good enough”. I don’t believe in taking your weaknesses and wasting time by trying to turn them into strengths. Life is supposed to be fun, this includes following your passion which means utilizing your strengths. Allow me to help you start fresh, armed with knowledge and tools to manage your life. If ADHD has negatively affected your life allow me to partner with you to find your confidence, happiness, and self-esteem.

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